PTFE Rod & Piston seals
“QuanSeal” piston and rod seals are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.This seal is a combination of a PTFE slip ring and an energizing O-ring. It is produced with an interference fit, which together with the squeeze of O-ring ensures a good sealing effect even at low pressure. At higher system pressures, the O-ring is energized by fluid, pushing the slip ring against sealing face with increased force.
We produce a wide range of PTFE piston and rod rings for a variety of standard piston bore and rod dimensions.


  • Lubrication not required
  • No stick-slip effect when starting for smooth operation
  • High wear resistant property ensures long service life
  • Installation grooves according to ISO7425/1, and ISO7425/2 standards
  • No adhesive effect to the mating surface during long period of inactivity or storage


Media: mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids, environmentally safe hydraulic fluids, water, air and others, depending on the O-ring material compatibility.

Operating conditions:
1) Pressure: 0-80MPa
2) Speed: 0-15m/s
3) Temperature range: -80 ~ +250oC


  • Machine tools

  • Presses

  • Injection moulding machines

  • Forklifts

  • handling machinery