Canted Coil Spring Energized PTFE Seal
Spring –loaded seals are designed for static,rotary and reciprocating applications in temperatures from cryogenic to 250℃;and pressures from vacuum to 100Mpa,to survive the most corrosive environment. The design combines a “U”shaped spring or canted coil spring or Helical spring with a PTFE or UHMWPE-based seal jacket to achieve one of the most efficient and versatile sealing methods. The high strength stainless steel energizer provides strength and flexibility to control seal loading,even with temperature extremes,while the PTFE jacket provides the well known PTFE virtues of low friction,corrosion resistance,sealability and wear resistance. QuanSeaL® Spring Energized PTFE and UHMWPE seals are used in dynamic and static applications where elastomer seals cannot meet the extreme operating conditions of harsh environments.


  • Virtually chemically inert
  • Temperature range -450 ° F + 600 ° F
  • Vacuum to 10,000 psi (specials to 30,000 psi) 
  • Low breakaway & running friction
  • Immune to aging and embrittlement
  • Dry running and abrasive media capability
  • Surface speeds to 1000 feet per minute
  • Near zero compression set