PTFE rotary shaft lip seals
QuanSeaL® PTFE lips seal was introduced in the early 2000’s. The seals were designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals. Hostile environments such as extreme temperatures, aggressive media, high surface speeds, high pressures, and lack of lubrication forced the designer to specify the expensive and complicated mechanical face type seals. QuanSeaL® PTFE lips seal provides the designer a significant improvement in performance over elastomer lip seals at a much lower cost than the mechanical face seal.
QuanSeaL® PTFE lip seals solve difficult applications which are not addressed by conventional elastomer seals. 


  • Lower friction:Generates less torque – Less heat – Requires less power
  • Aggressive Media Resistance:Unaffected by solvents, chemicals, acids, synthetic & adulterated oils
  • Capable of surface speeds to 35m/s
  • Works to temperature extremes(-100 to+250C)
  • Has extended seal life in dry or abrasive media:Reduced breakout friction and stiction Capable of pressures to 6Mpa
  • For food or pharmaceutical industry


The sealing quality and the service life depend on the right choice of the design, the geometry of the seal lips and the lip material. Standard materials cover a great application range.

This special compounds have proven themselves exceptionally well in years of use for radial lip seals. Lip materials: Approximately 45 lip materials are available for special applications.

1. Sealing lips Material Selection:
LP1001 Premium grade virgin PTFE for static, slow-dynamic or light-duty application. Also for food-contact service requiring FDA approval.

2.Metal case Material selection
SS304,SS316L,Aluminum,CR etc.
3.Gasket material selection
4.Garter spring material selection